Who are we

Eagle Decoration Industry Trade and Limited Marble natural stone manufacturing company specializing in export and applications, is one of the leading companies established in Turkey and serves around the world since the 1960s. Kartal Marble continues to invest in the natural stone sector for 60 years in order to utilize the rich reserves of marble, travertine and other natural stones in our country and to continue the Anatolian tradition.

Today, Kartal Marble offers quality service with its Istanbul Cevizli workshop, Bilecik 1st Organized Industrial Factory, and Bilecik Kartal Beige marble quarry. Kartal Marble family with its professional working team and advanced technology equipment and machines in Turkey and abroad; Marble, granite, natural stone contracting, production, sales, export, project and consultancy applications, floor, wall and facade coating, special design and furniture applications, mosque embroidery, CNC works, mosque and bath applications.

768/5000 Kartal Mermer has built many hotels, holiday villages, mosques and other places of worship, restaurants, business and shopping centers, baths, airports, residences all over the world, especially in Russia, Dubai, Germany, Norway, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Hungary. projects, production centers, factories, design centers and many other projects. Kartal Mermer completing all of the contracts it signed without any problems and delay; It has created a brand in the natural stone and construction sector with the principle of Quality - Trust - Success and has made many friends. With its expert team and staff, we are always at your service as Kartal Marble family, which has been carrying its reliable name until today and continues to serve today.